God designed every dad to be a powerful influence for good in their child’s life. And every dad deserves to be celebrated just because of who they are, whether they fall short sometimes or are over-the-top awesome. 

As a mom, you have the biggest influence not only on how your child thinks of their dad but how they treat him. And some day, that’ll will spill over into how your kids view themselves, their teachers, an employer and their own spouse. Parent relationships, and that means dad-child relationships—are part of the foundation for every other relationship. 

8 Creative Gifts Kids Can Give on Father’s Day

Every gift reflects the gift giver, so have your kids look through this list to find what fits how they like to give and show their love to Dad.

Whatever they pick, make sure they know that what makes the gift special isn’t what they choose but that they chose it and it was given with love. 

Give a gift that’s…

Inspirational – Have each person in the family write a prayer of blessing for dad. Compile the prayers into a booklet or photo album with a picture of Dad on the front. 

Homemade – Think beyond paper creations and design this keepsake Lego® memento for Dad. Or stick with something more classic like this Father’s Day booklet.

Practical – Put together a basket of things based on your dad’s hobby or what he likes. Buy a gift certificate to Home Depot. Or, put together a collection of men’s soaps, shampoo, and cologne (Target has a lot to choose from). 

Experiential – Give something as simple as a coupon for a backrub: “This coupon entitles you to one free backrub.” Canva has free coupon templates you can customize. Or, you can give a coupon for a hike or picnic lunch together. Your dad will love doing something with you!

Meaningful – Brainstorm five different ways your dad is the best. Come up with mini skits/charades to match each one. Introduce your charades with “5 ways my dad is the best” and as you act them out have your dad guess what each way is.

            Example: If your dad is a great cook, pretend you’re in the kitchen mixing up some pasta or at the grill flipping burgers. If one of the things you like about your dad is that he plays baseball with you, do a baseball game charade.

Funny – Type up a humorous quote and pop it in a picture frame. Or, take a silly face picture of the family and frame it. 

Quote examples:
“Dad, you’ve always been the coolest like all those times you said ‘yes’ when Mom said “no.”
“Remember what Dad really wants is a nap. Really.” 

Delicious – Make these creative Father’s Day cookies; they’re beautiful! If baking isn’t your thing, support a local bakery by placing an order. Eileen’s Colossal Cookies here in Minneapolis has a great selection of Father’s Day cookies to choose from.

Affectionate – No matter what age you are, one of the best gifts you can give is a big hug and a genuine “I love you, Dad.” 

3 Father’s Day Gifts You Can Give

Father’s Day will come and go, but here are three gifts you can give every day. Although I’ve excelled in some areas and learned the hard way in others, I can confidently say that these will make a huge positive impact on your husband—and on your kids.

Speak well of him around your kids.

No, he’s not perfect but even an eye roll or a quickly muttered, “He’s just being ridiculous” on your part can cause kids to question their dad’s ability and character. That can wear away at your child’s trust and respect for their dad. 

Some wives try to distance themselves from what their husband is doing or saying by criticizing it. But a husband and wife are one. When you even subtly degrade his authority, you invisibly tear down your own. Save constructive comments for talking in private. 

Build him up with words of affirmation.

Not “mom” words of encouragement like “Great job!” but sincere compliments of his efforts and achievements. While this is especially true of guy’s whose love language is words of affirmation, every guy needs to know he’s valued and appreciated. 


I’m not talking about “God, please change my husband” prayers to make him more like you want him. Pray for his protection, for his health, for his relationship with God—and believe God will answer because he’s got a way of doing that. One of my favorite prayer books, The Power of a Praying Wife, has specific prayers for a husband’s purpose, temptations, sexuality, finances and more.

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