This is my favorite time of year!

There are so many ways to celebrate Advent, literally the “coming” of Jesus Christ. Some people take a liturgical and somber approach. Others focus on the excitement that leads up to Christmas, the celebration of Jesus’s birth.

This year I’m excited to give you unique Family Advent readings that’ll give you a completely different way of celebrating the Advent season.

When Jesus came on the scene, the people of Israel had been waiting for hundreds of years for a promised Messiah. How would they know who actually was the Messiah? God had given them prophecies that predicted the what, who, where and how of the Anointed One’s coming. When these prophecies were fulfilled, they would point to the One true Messiah. The proof was in the fulfilled prophecy.

For this year’s Family Advent readings, I paired a story and a prophecy. If you want, you can light an Advent candle for each of the five main themes.

If you want a printable version, I’ve got you covered–soon anyway. You can expect that Monday, December 2, evening.

Family Advent Readings

HOPE: December 1-7

Prophecy – The Messiah would be one of Abraham’s descendants.

Story – Abraham and Sarah have a miracle baby boy.

Dec 1Genesis 12:1-3 God promises Abram he’ll become a great nation–before he had any children at all.

Dec 2Genesis 15:2-6 God promises Abraham more descendants than stars in the sky.

Dec 3Genesis 18:1-18 God promises Sarah she’ll have a baby; she laughs.

Dec 4 – Genesis 21: 1-6 God brings Sarah joy and laughter.

Dec 5Hebrews 11:11-12 Sarah & Abraham had faith in God.

Dec 6Isaiah 49:6 God wanted to bring hope and light to the whole world.

Dec 7Psalm 18:30 God keeps all his promises.

God’s promises give hope!

PEACE: December 8-14

Prophecy: The Messiah would come from the house of King David.

Story – David, a shepherd boy becomes king

Dec 81 Samuel 16:4-13 God sends Samuel to anoint a new king.

Dec 91 Samuel 16:18-23 Before David becomes king, he works for King Saul.

Dec 101 Samuel 17:4-8 and 17:32-51 The boy David conquers a giant.

Dec 111 Samuel 18:6-8 King Saul is jealous of David.

Dec 122 Samuel 5:1-4 David becomes king.

Dec 13Psalm 29:10-11 and Psalm 23:1-3 David was a musician; many of his songs were about the God who gives peace.

Dec 14Isaiah 9:6-7 God promises a Prince of Peace, the Messiah, will come from King David’s family.

God brings peace.

JOY: December 15-21

Prophecy: A prophet would come ahead of the Messiah to prepare the way.

Story – God gives Zechariah and Elizabeth a baby. He’ll get things ready for God’s Son.

Dec 15Luke 1:5-19, 23 An angel makes an announcement Zechariah doesn’t believe.

Dec 16Luke 1:26-33, 39-41 A baby jumps for joy.

Dec 17Luke 1:57-66, 76 His name is John!

Dec 18Mark 1:1-18 A grown-up John tells people “Jesus is coming!”

Dec 19Luke 3:3,7-8,10-14 John tells people to repent.

Dec 20Romans 4:7 God wants us to have joy!

Dec 21Isaiah 40:3-5 God said he would send someone to prepare the way for his Son. (See Luke 1:76 too)

God gives joy.

LOVE: December 22-24

Prophecy: The Messiah would come from Bethlehem.

Story – A child is born in Bethlehem

Dec 22 – Luke 2:6-14 No more waiting! The Messiah is here!

Dec 23 – John 3:16-17 The gift of Jesus is real love.

Dec 24 – Micah 5:2 A ruler would come out of the tiny town of Bethlehem.

God is love.

LIGHT: December 25

Prophecy – The Messiah would bring light into the world.

Story – Jesus changes lives!

Dec 25 – John 8:12 and Matthew 4:16,23-24 Jesus does incredible miracles and brings light into people’s lives.

God sends His light into the world.

All links are to the New Living Translation version; that makes for easier reading.

2019 © Carol Garborg

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