I’m excited to show you PRACTICAL IDEAS for making faith real. EVERYDAY THINGS are some of the best ways to introduce faith principles to kids.


Every week will differ, but this week is a quick video: “Using a Messy Room to Talk About God.” Instead of showing your kids the video, consider just doing it with your kids. Watch the video yourself first, then follow my lead and do what I’ve done.

  • Hands-on doing rather than just watching makes the point “stick.”
  • Your influence in your child’s life is far greater—and should be—than mine. They need to see that faith is yours and hear things coming from you.


Below you’ll find a couple of helpful tips as well as ways to adapt this for OLDER kids and YOUNGER kids.


Putting it into action

  • Show my video or make a video of your own house based on the video above.
  • Ask your kids, “Is there anything you’d like to tell Jesus and talk to him about?”
  • Pray together. See below.
  • Then let the kids make a video of your home, or do it as a family.
  • If you have two kids, have the older one explain it to the younger one. That way you’ll hear what they actually understood.


Prayer – you can use this as a guide if you like

Dear God, you know everything about our family and you know everything about me. And you love me! I need to tell that… (I’m struggling with, I’m afraid of). Please help me. Show me what to do. Amen.



Parent/Grandparent tips

For older kids: Keep the video script pretty much as is. During the prayer, give examples but don’t force them to fill in the blanks. Just let them talk to God about whatever is on their mind.


For younger kids: Remember young kids are easily distracted so don’t use your video to show too many things or you’ll hijack their attention and they’ll forget the main point. Also, delete the section from about min. 2:12-2:25 on the video. These are some of the examples used for the older kids (bullying in the neighborhood).


Carol Garborg © Copyright 2016

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