Each of us has one body with many parts. And the parts do not all have the same purpose
We need each other. None of us is sufficient in ourselves. (Romans 12:4)


(Use this apple-related devotional with your kids to highlight the verse above.)


Ask most people what their favorite fall outing is and you’ll often get a confident “apple picking” and all the deliciousness that comes with it. Think warm apple crisp covered with vanilla ice cream, sticky caramel wrapped around bright colored apples, and chunky cinnamon applesauce.



Different kinds of apple-licious

Apples come in 7,500 varieties. Each apple differs a little in sweetness, texture and flavor and has a special name.

Take a guess. Which of the following is NOT a type of apple?

Sugar shack – Tiger – Pineapple – Honeycrisp – Piñata – Petra

How about this list? What’s NOT a name of a different kind of apple?

First kiss – Golden delicious – Malinda – Jasmine – Jazz – Cosmic crisp

(see answers at the bottom of this page)


When you use apples for cooking or baking, what kind of apple you pick matters.

Hand dip a Fuji or Gala apple into ooey-gooey caramel and the tart/sour-sweet combination will turn out just perfect. But bake a Red Delicious apple into a pie and the apple will turn to mush.

Not every apple can be used for everything. Some apples are better for some things and not for others.

The same is true for people.



Different kings with two special assignments


Read 1 Chronicles 28:2-3; 29:1-2


David was a warrior king. He battled against the Philistine army and their leader Goliath. When he wasn’t protecting his people, he designed and collected construction materials to build God’s temple.

His son Solomon was a builder king. He took the gold, silver, iron and previous stones his dad gave him and actually built the first temple in Jerusalem.

David couldn’t, and didn’t, do what Solomon did. Solomon didn’t do what David did. Together, though, they built the temple.




God gave each person gifts, things he or she can do well. Gifts like showing mercy or giving or teaching (See Romans 12:6-8). BUT not everyone does everything well. 

God created us all different. His family is made up of different parts. He picked some people to one thing and other people to do different things. Together though we make a great team. We need each other.

So don’t be discouraged if you can’t do everything well. You’re not supposed to do everything well. God gave you specific gifts–use them but don’t get frustrated if you’re not good at something else. Just be you!



Cinnamon-y Applesauce RECIPE

6 lb. of Haralson, Honeycrisp or Honeygold apples

3/4 c. honey, more or less depending on sweetness of apples

1 T. cinnamon

3 c. water

1/4 c. cornstarch


Peel, core, and slice apples into wedges and place in a stockpot. Add honey, cinnamon, and water.

Cook until the apples soften a bit but not until they’re mushy.

Mix the cornstarch in a small amount of cold water and stir to dissolve.

Add to stockpot and cook until it thickens.

Cool and use as fresh chunky applesauce (Can also be used as pie filling)


Apple tips: Haralson are great but are tart especially before a frost. Use more honey. Honegold are awesome, super sweet yellow apples so use less honey. Honeycrisp are excellent, really sweet especially after a frost.


Recipe and tips courtesy of Carolyn Abraham


Answers: Petra, Jasmine

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