Countdown to Christmas

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About the Book

Sharing the true meaning of Christmas with your kids doesn’t have to be complicated, time-consuming or stressful.

Instead discover family joy by letting Countdown to Christmas do the work for you. Just follow the twenty-five devotionals and accompanying activities on an adventure through the whole Christmas story, from the beginning of Isaiah’s prophecy until Jesus is a boy. Connect all the lesser-known stories surrounding Jesus’s birth and see the whole big beautiful narrative in a chronological way. 

A complete, easy-to-use resource for parents and their children who want to celebrate the Advent season as the

JESUS-CENTERED holiday it is.

What’s inside

Devotionals for parent & kids

Jesus-centered devotionals tell the whole Christmas story, from the prophecy to Isaiah to Jesus’s escape to Egypt

Advent family traditions

Simple but meaningful traditions that build on each other in the five weeks leading up to Christmas

Creative activities

Hands-on, easy-to-do visuals that reinforce the Christmas reading



Questions & conversation starters

Daily points to ponder that draw kids into conversations about Jesus

Daily prayers

Thoughtful prayers that tie in with each day’s devotional


Christmas carols

Well-known songs that tell the story of Jesus’s birth

What people are saying

This book takes the whole family, parents and kids, toward the deeper meaning of the Advent season without eliminating any of the fun and excitement. Christmas is something to celebrate and enjoy together!

Creating lasting memories that are centered around Jesus is exactly what Christmas should be about! The stories and activities encourage families to ponder spiritual truths, pray, and laugh together. I highly recommend this book for families wanting to grow together in loving Jesus and celebrating his birth.

The value of hands-on, visual reinforcement combined with do-able ideas have been a success and created some of our fondest Advent memories ever.


Why is counting down the days to Christmas important?

Counting down the days to Christmas is important because it builds anticipation. And with that anticipation and excitement comes kind of a reinforcing that what they’re looking forward to is important. And that’s exactly the message that you want to convey to your kids. That Christmas, the celebration of the birth of Jesus, is important.

Counting down the days to Christmas is also helpful for kids because they need a tangible, measurable way to count down the days to Christmas. So every devotional has a place where parents or kids can write, “Hey, fifteen days’ til Christmas” or “five days to Christmas.”

What age is the book written for?

This book is perfect for families who have kids ages four through early elementary. At this age, kids are very concrete and they need you to engage all their senses. That’s what this book does. It taps into not just reading the Christmas story but tasting it and seeing it and touching it and smelling it.

What's the "Names of Jesus Advent Wreath" mentioned in the book?

One of things I love is that there’s a bigger project called the Names of Jesus Advent Wreath where kids are learning different names of Jesus throughout the Christmas story—Immanual, Son of the Most High.

At the very end of the 25 days, they have this beautiful Advent wreath. It’s something that brings the whole family together. I’m sure your family will love it!

"Carol Garborg has a heartfelt, hands-on, imaginative, instructive way of helping children discover who Jesus is and why He came."

Roy Lessin

Countdown to Christmas
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About the author

Carol Garborg is creative Bible educator and author who is passionate about one of God’s greatest inventions–families. She has a seminary degree in children’s and family ministry. Accompanying this formal education is twenty years of experience teaching families and students of all ages, preschool through college. Carol and her family live in Minneapolis, MN. 

Give your family practical ways to encourage your child’s excitement and at the same time explore the lessons tucked into the Christmas story. Enjoy!”

Carol Garborg

Discover joy!

A 25-day adventure through the whole Christmas story

Countdown to Christmas

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