In the middle of the United States is the biggest candy store in the country, Sweetie Candy Company of Ohio. Walls are lined with jellybeans and gum balls, licorice and chocolates, lollipops and cotton candy.

How crazy would it be to walk into that store and leave with one teeny tiny M&M or one gummy bear? Ridiculous, huh? Yet that’s what we usually do when we read the book of Daniel. We pick out our favorite stories–like Daniel and the lion’s den–and skip the rest. The book of Daniel, though, is a lot like Sweetie’s candy store—full of themes about the awesome power and wisdom of God.

Last week I challenged you with several ideas for create space this summer to get your kids excited about the Bible and learn it creatively. Here’s one way to explore better the book of Daniel with your kids, and it all starts with discovering the design.


Discovering the design

Colors, shapes, and sizes can come together to create different patterns. Blue and strawberry red, purple and candy corn orange and yellow, triangles, squares, and basketball circles that are either small or big.

The border below is made up of a pattern. Each shape and color repeats itself in a certain design. See if you can discover the pattern.

Discovering the design of Daniel

What’s the pattern in the design above?


Just like there’s a pattern above, there’s a pattern in the book of Daniel. Not a pattern of colors, shapes, and sizes, but a pattern of ideas:

When someone is humble, God raises that person up.
When someone is proud, God humbles that person.

When you read the different verses in Daniel below, look for the pattern.

Theme verse


“The Most High God rules over the kingdoms of men. God gives those kingdoms to anyone he wants.” 
Daniel 4:17b

Parents, this video gives fascinating insight into the book of Daniel. Impress your kids with what you’ll learn.

Read & Explore

      As you read the different chapters of Daniel, look for the pattern mentioned in the section above. Use the questions to discover the pattern.
      (I recommend using the New Living Translation since it’s easy for kids to understand. If your kids have a Bible story book with these stories, the same questions apply.)

Daniel and food from the king – Read Daniel 1:5, 8-17
1. Who humbled themselves and did what God wanted them to do? (verse 8)
2. What did God do because they honored him? (verse 17)

Shadrach, Meshach and AbednegoRead Daniel 3:1, 4-6, 8-28
1. Who was proud and wanted to be worshipped like God? (verse 6)
2. Who was humble and obeyed God? (verse 18)
3. What did God do because that person honored him? (verses 26-27)

A crazy kingRead Daniel 4:29-37
1. Who was proud of how great he was? (verse 30)
2. What did God do? (verse 31, 32)
3. Who humbled himself later on in the story and praised God? (verse 34)
4. Then what happened to him? (verses 36-37)

The mysterious hand writing on the wall – Read Daniel 5:1-9, 13-31
1. Who was proud and did not treat God’s things with respect? ( verses 22-23)
2. What did God do to him and to his kingdom? (verses 30-31)

Daniel and his rescue from the lion’s denRead Daniel 6:1-27
1. Who was proud and jealous of Daniel? (verses 3-4)
2. Who made a law so that he’d be worshipped like God? (verses 7-9)
3. Who humbled himself and obeyed the laws of God instead of the king? (verse 10)
4. What did God do for Daniel? (verses 22-23)
5. What happened to people jealous of Daniel? (verse 24)






Real meditation isn’t emptying your mind but filling it up with God’s truth. Say it slowly and think it over.

“God rules over the kingdoms of men.” God blesses the humble and punishes the proud.




Journal with pictures or words


Draw a picture of something someone would do if they had a humble heart. How about a  proud heart? 

Why do you think God loves humility so much? 

How does humility look at home, at school, on the bus, playing with friends? Check out Ephesians 4:2 for some ideas.






 Dear God, give me a humble heart. Remind me that everything I have and am comes from you. Amen. 



When someone is humble, God raises that person up.
When someone is proud, God humbles that person.


© Carol Garborg, 2021


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