The other day I was taking care of a few toddlers on the church playground. I watched them try to clamber up plastic slides, then turn back around and slide down. They straddled the seesaw, then sat there puzzled when it went down but wouldn’t go back up on its own.

One of the little boys, Haven, spotted his mom coming to pick him up. His face opened wide with a grin. Instantly he set pudgy legs in motion and, tummy tipped heavily forward, toddled his way over to her. He wrapped his little arms around her jean-clad legs and she leaned down and scooped him up.

“How’s my favorite boy?” she asked snuggling him close and brushing his nose with her own.

Haven beamed and giggled and leaned into the crook of her arm.

Mama was here!

No Hesitation

There wasn’t any hesitation on Haven’s part how his mom would react. He didn’t wonder if she still liked him after he’d knocked down a kid’s tower the day before and ran around refusing to lay down for a nap. He didn’t even consider that she’d do anything other than what she did–scoop him up and give him a big hug.

You don’t ever need to wonder how your heavenly Father will receive you. Just watching you make your way to him gives him great pleasure. “Come close to God” he says, “and he will come close to you” (James 4:8).

What’s on your mind now?
What’s weighing on your heart?

Your kids’ schooling? Everything you’ve got to do between now and tonight? A disagreement with your husband?

Whatever it is, nothing is too small or too big to drop off at God’s feet.

Untruths that hold us back

Sometimes at the back of your mind though, there’s a pause, a little hesitation, about running to God, or how he might react to you.

That little voice can say…

“I don’t deserve any help. I got myself in this mess.”
“I’ve failed too many times. I don’t deserve God’s love.”
“I should have known better.”

Those thoughts don’t reflect God’s heart. The truth is…nothing can keep you from God’s love. Not the most complicated problem. Not the biggest failure. Absolutely nothing (Romans 8:38-39).

So when you go to God, go boldly–not hesitantly, not unsure of how he’ll respond–and confidently ask for whatever you need most. He wants to answer!

© Carol Garborg, 2020

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