I heard through the grapevine that the room in my “Messy Room” last week didn’t seem very messy. It really was. Promise. My husband just skipped over the worst of it.


If I had a dollar for every children’s lesson I’ve taught or heard about GOD’S LOVE, I’d be living in a beachfront home in the Bahamas instead of in a Minnesota rambler. God’s love underwrites everything he is and does, so learning that principle is key.


But when was the last time you heard a lesson about GOD’S GLORY? For children? I’m guessing not. That’s because parents, teachers, and pastors explain what they understand and avoid what they don’t. We can’t understand God’s glory; we can only stand in awe of it. And THAT’S KIND OF THE POINT. Being aware of God’s glory, power, majesty leads us into worship. Without these attributes God is reduced to someone small and tame.


Kids are never too young to start learning about God’s glory. Here’s one way you can start.

Putting It into Action

  • Print this Poem sheet.
  • Read the verses on that page together—with feeling, gestures and enthusiasm!
  • Explain that God’s glory is the beauty and awesomeness of his presence. His glory shines! Just like the sun only brighter and more powerful. (Ezekiel 10:4) The brilliance of the sun gives us a hint of God’s power and glory.
  • Fill in the poem prayer.
  • In the blank space, have your child draw a picture of a brilliant sun, cut out a round piece of shiny fabric for the sun, or be brave and pull out the glitter.



Personalize the poem prayer and use that as a prayer.


Parent/Grandparent Tips

Don’t shy away from explaining a supposedly heady concept like “glory.” We explain things that are over our kids’ heads all the time! That’s how kids learn, layer by layer, bit by bit. You’re setting the foundation now.


For older kids: Introduce the idea of the sun’s power. When we tiptoe across a hot sidewalk, squint in the mid-afternoon sun, or slather up with sunscreen, it’s because we have a idea of how powerful the sun is.


For younger kids: Keep it simple. All you have to do at this age is introduce the concept: God’s glory is how beautiful and awesome he is. He shines like the sun, only brighter.





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