I like happy endings. Rags to riches. Girl meets boy. Hero takes down villain. Which is why celebrating Easter–think sunshine and surprise and hope–over Good Friday is so much easier.

Truth is though you can’t get to the resurrection without going through the cross. That’s where the story has to start.

But the story of Jesus dying on the cross is one kids have heard over and over again. Kids know how the story starts; they know how it ends. So the intrigue and mystery have sometimes gotten lost. So here’s a fresh way to introduce your kids to one of the most powerful true stories of all.


(Tell the STORY below as you make the CROSS CRAFT.
For preschoolers, pair the cross craft with your favorite Bible Story book.)


Easter Cross Craft

Supplies: Scissors, glue stick, one piece of 11×14 black cardboard or foam board, one 8 ½ x11 sheet of plain card stock or construction paper, one 8 ½ x 11 sheet of colored or patterned card stock


  1. Glue the 8 ½ x 11 sheet of plain card stock onto the center of the black cardboard
  2. Cut two small rectangles (2 ½ x 3 ½) out of different colored card stock.
  3. Cut two large rectangles (3 ½ x 6 ½ inches)  out of different colored card stock.
  4. As you go through the devotional, add pieces to the cross craft (see below)

PARENT  TIP – Keep it a surprise!

Don’t let them know what shape you’re creating with the craft. Instead use the art project to hold kid’s attention as you tell the story. It’ll keep their curiosity up!

As you walk through the devotional, add pieces to the craft. Have a second set of supplies for your child to create their own when you’re done.

Jesus & The Broken Curse Story

In the beginning God created the world and filled it with good things. Water sparkled clean and clear. The sky stretched bold and blue. Trees soared into the clouds and plants grew lush and green. Elephants played with the tigers. The man Adam and the woman Eve stood healthy and strong, their hearts bold yet tender with God’s love. Like God, everything was perfect; everything was good.

Until…Adam and Eve sinned.

Then as fast as you can crunch-munch down on an apple, a curse came over the earth. Everything started to change. The clear water grew muddy. The bright blue of the sky began to dull. Plants grew thistles and thorns. The elephants and tigers turned on each other and started to fight. Adam had aches and Eve had pains. Death and sickness came rushing in. Everything was broken; nothing was perfect anymore.


 The earth was sad and wept. Adam and Eve cried too. What would happen? What could they do?

 Who would break the power of the curse?

An ancient law said only one thing could break the power of the curse—a perfect man who died in the place of those who had sinned. But where would they find a perfect person in an imperfect world? And who would want to die?

Who could break the power of the curse?

God simply said, “I will.” Then God in heaven became a human being on earth. Immanuel, Jesus Christ, was his name. He lived with dads and moms, boys and girls in their broken world. When he grew up, soldiers whipped his back. Sharp thorns poked his head. With nails in his hands and nails in his feet, Jesus hung on a cross.

One hour passed, two hours then three. Darkness came over the sky. And then with a loud shout, Jesus died.

 What would happen?

The world waited–but not for long.

The curtain in God’s temple ripped open from top to bottom. The earth rumbled. The ground shook. Big rocks split into piece. Dead people came back to life and started to walk around. The power of the curse had cracked and broken.

Three days later, things would only get better.

(To be continued)

Add one last rectangle. Now what shape do you see?


Jesus, a perfect man, died to break the curse and its power. He died so anyone who does what’s wrong can be free. Including you and your family. That freedom is a gift. This Easter remember the gift that cost Jesus his life so yours could be free.

He is so rich in kindness and grace that he purchased our freedom with the blood of his Son and forgave our sins.

Ephesians 1:8

Ephesians 2:8-9

Here are two other options with different colors.




© Carol Garborg, 2021

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