I will not forget you!
See, I have engraved you on the palms of my hands.” Isaiah 49:15-16


I have a habit of collecting–not stamps or baseball cards or antiques–but quotes and activity ideas for kids. Which is the reason this tiny little tattoo has been sitting on my nightstand for the last six months.

kid tattoo

Just sitting around on my nightstand waiting to be paired with a devotional


Kid tattoos–any tattoo–are a great way to share the gospel! 


How to use a kid tattoo to share the gospel with kids

Follow the directions for applying the tattoo and explain each step.

  • Peel the clear piece off the tattoo.
  • Press the tattoo face down, right on your skin, wherever you want the picture to appear.
  • Cover it with a wet cloth and hold it down. 
  • Take the cloth off and done!

Then say…


“Now you’ve got a picture of a  _____ (star, frog, etc.) on your hand. You’ll remember it wherever you. You won’t forget it!

“Just like you put a picture on your hand (arm, leg, cheek), two thousand years ago Jesus got a reminder on his hands. (Parent, focus on “hands” rather than feet since that’s what the verse above talks about.) A reminder of how much he loves the whole world.

“Soldier pressed nails deep into Jesus’s hands. They nailed him to a cross and Jesus died. He died to get rid of our sin and give us new life.

“Your tattoo will fade and disappear. Someday you’ll forget about the ______ (flower, truck picture).

“But the nail marks in Jesus’s hands will never go away.

“When Jesus died, the nail marks were still there.

“Three days later Jesus rose to live again, and the nail marks were still there.

“In fact, the nail mark scars are STILL there, a forever reminder of his for-always love for you and me.

“He says, “I have engraved you (I’ve written your name) on the palms of my hands.” THAT’S how much he loves you!


God never forget his children. Are you one of them?


Photo credit: Jeremy McKnight on Unsplash

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