Some of my favorite memories are Mother’s Day memories. Construction paper cards, sweet hugs, fistful of flowers, and smooches that melted my heart. I ate it all up.

On Mother’s Day, a mom is usually on the receiving end of cards and gifts and compliments. But Mother’s Day is also a great opportunity to let your kids know you love being their mom.

Even if you get frustrated sometimes. Even if you get on them about their homework. Motherhood isn’t a bother but a gift! And you have the chance to plant the idea that will later bloom into the awesome realization of what parenthood can be.

So with that in mind, here’s one idea and talking points for you to share the love with your child this Mother’s Day. AND, here’s an idea for your kids as well.

Two different Mother’s Day cards – One from mom to child and one from child to mom.
(adapted from Kristina Werner designs)

What you’ll need white card stock, watercolors, paintbrush, pencil, ruler, marker, and a fine point black pen.

Seven everyday supplies to make both cards.

First Mother’s Day card – From Mom to child

(The two card versions are identical except for the writing)

  • Fold the card stock in half and at the very top write, “Being your mom…”
  • Use a ruler to pencil in lines that will be the width of the gift you’ll paint. If your card is larger, make the gift and penciled lines farther apart.
Mother's Day card - measure
Pencil in lines that determine the width of the “gift” you’ll paint.
  • Using different watercolors, make straight brushstrokes that begin and end at the pencil lines.
Mother's Day card - painting
Make brushstrokes with different colors between the lines you penciled in.
  • When the paint dries, erase the pencil lines and draw in the bow with the black pen.
  • Inside write…”…is a gift!” and then sign your name.
Mother's Day card - for your child
Give a card to your kids and let them know how much you love being their mom.
Then use the talking points below to let them know how much you love being their mom!

Second Mother’s Day card – From child to mom

Follow the same process as above except…

  • Write “Happy Mother’s Day!” on the front
  • Write “you’re the best gift” ever on the inside.
Kids can make this simple card for their mom or grandma.

Moms, Share the Love with these prompts

  • I knew I wanted to be a mom when…
  • When I held you for the first time, I felt…
  • My favorite verse about being a parent is…
  • I love being a mom to you because…
  • One memory I have of my mom, your grandma, is when…
  • Kids are a gift because…
  • A mom’s love is the kind of love that…
  • One thing I wish you knew about being your mom is…

2020 © Carol Garborg

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