How can they believe in him [Jesus] unless they hear about him?
Romans 10:14

(Watch the video and then show it to your kids or use the devotional and talking points below and challenge them with the verse above.)

A tractor, a seed and a devotional for kids.

Recently our family traveled to South Carolina where we’re now living on a farm for a month. Not a wheat or dairy or soybean farm but a pine tree farm

Everywhere I look I see acres of carefully planted pine trees. Some have been growing for twenty years. They are BEAUTIFUL!!

Of course they didn’t start out big and beautiful. They started with one small seed.

Small seeds tucked inside this pinecone will stretch into an enormous pine tree.
(Photo credit Unsplash Jim Abbring)

And then they got bigger and bigger. 

If you are a follower of Jesus, you are a farmer. Not a farmer of pine trees or wheat or chickens or corn but a planter of God’s truth

  • THE TRUTH that Jesus came into the world to give hope and peace.
  • THE TRUTH that God made a way for everyone to be included in his family.
  • THE TRUTH that Jesus loved you and me so much he died so all the wrongs things we’ve done could be forgiven.  

But the truth can’t grow unless you plant it—unless you actually tell someone God’s truth. 

Read Romans 10:14

Family Challenge

1 – Think of someone who needs to hear God’s truth–a neighbor, friend, cousin, teacher, bus driver, cashier. Can’t think of anyone? Pray about it.

2 – Plant a seed; tell someone the truth of God’s love, forgiveness and the gift of salvation Jesus gives.

3 – Pray that God would cover and protect that seed of truth and make it grow.

4 – Read Matthew 13:3-8, 18-23. How does this help you pray about the seeds of truth you planted?

When you plant a seed, you don’t just plant one but a ton. The more you plant, the more will grow. So every week plant more seeds. Tell the people you meet about Jesus.

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