Summer vacation is here!

Depending on your household that can mean…

lazy days of sleeping in and then heading to the pool,

a string of summer camps,

or a blend of both.

Any way you look at it though summer means fun.


For the next four weeks, I’ll be here with some ideas to kick off your summer fun. AND I’ll give you ways to tie that fun to faith. It’s going to be great!

First comes the activity and below you’ll find a clear faith connection.


Activity: Summer Fun Journaling. (Can I just say these are extraordinary!)

This is journaling in a way most people haven’t thought of before. It’ll make both girls and boys happy. The ideas can be adapted for both older and younger kids.



I love these fresh journal ideas from Lara Casey of Cultivate What Matters. The bright colors, creative ideas, and a blend of pictures and writing options really engage kids. The best thing though is that Lara Casey and her team offer lots of different options for Christian moms too.

summer fun journaling - write the word

Write the Word for Kids by Lara Casey



These VERY clever journals, created by a mother-daughter team, are designed to go back and forth between…



or grandma-granddaughter.

They aren’t Christian-based but create a unique bonding experience between those doing the journaling. Check them out and see what you think.

summer fun journaling - just between us



If you want something classic, pair one of these devotionals with a regular notebook. (See “Helpful Hints” below for suggestions.)

God Time for Girls (9-13)

Tucked in the last paragraph of each entry is often a question. Encourage girls to write, draw, or doodle their answer in a notebook.

Summer fun journaling - God Time for Girls

God Time for Girls by Carol Garborg


Being My Best for God (Boys, 8-12)

This devotional is patterned after Oswald Chambers’s My Utmost for His Highest. The author just happens to be a friend of mine. His writing is straightforward and yet rich in meaning.

Summer fun journaling - Being My Best for God

You can find this on Amazon or


You can also check out A Little God Time for Kids.



  • Give your son or daughter some summer space and aim to do journaling once or twice a week. Trying to pull it off every day is just a set-up for frustration.
  • I’d suggest doing the activity first and then introducing the faith connection.
  • Younger kids can draw a picture instead of writing. Say, “Draw one thing you’re really happy about today.” Or “Draw a picture of something we could do to help grandma.” Or “Draw a picture of your favorite memory this week.”

Faith Connection


Just like you wrote your memories in your journal, people like Moses, David, and Luke wrote down what happened in the Bible.

The only difference is that when they wrote they…“were moved by the Holy Spirit, and they spoke from God” (1 Peter 1:20-21).

The words in the Bible are God’s words. They come from him! Because of that they are “accurate,” exactly right (Luke 1:3-4). So you can be absolutely sure that what you read in God’s Word is true.


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