My passion is encouraging and equipping in a hands-on way parents and those in ministry who work with families. My strongest skill is developing creative ideas and teaching others to do the same.

Some of my topics include:

  • Practical Way to Teach Kids to Pray
  • Four Creative Ways to Nurture Your Child’s Faith
  • Turnings Questions into Answers that Build Your Child’s Faith
  • Passing along faith to elementary-age children
  • Passing along faith to preschoolers


  • When Will It Be Christmas?” Creative ideas for celebrating the season of Advent
  • When Will It Be Easter? Creative ideas for celebrating the Easter season


  • Three of God’s Greatest Inventions: Marriage, Family, and Parenting
  • Creative Teaching for those in Ministry
  • How to teach across different cultures


Teaching across different ages. I’ve taught families (both parents and kids together), elementary kids, junior high, senior high and college students and ministry leaders.


Teaching across cultures. I’ve had the privilege of teaching in different countries, including Vietnam, India, Kenya and Brazil. One of the things I most enjoy is tailoring teaching to fit different cultures. I’m a firm believer that the same message can’t be cut and pasted into a new culture without thoughtful reflection for cultural understanding. It’s a challenge I enjoy!

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