One generation shall praise Your works to another,
And shall declare Your mighty acts.

Psalm 145:4


A few weeks ago I was having a really bumpy week. I could feel my shoulders sag with the weight of everything going on. Then this idea popped into my head. It completely turned my bumpy day around AND gave me a practical idea for sharing my faith with my nieces and nephews and other kids in my life.


1. Sit down with a pen and several strips of paper. (I suggest just doing 2 or 3 at a time or it may seem overwhelming.)


2. Write down one SPECIFIC thing God has done for YOU on each strip of paper. I’m not talking about general things you might be thankful for, like a home or your family. Instead, write specific answers to pray or ways you’ve seen God work in your own life.


Two of the things I wrote down:

“Roof – God gave us a roof.” We prayed for a roof for four years. (The price to have a company come in and re-roof was way out of our price range.) This last week a general contractor friend offered to supervise the project so we could re-roof ourselves. HUGE answer to prayer!

“Donation – God answered a family’s prayer with our donation.” I felt God asking me to give some money to a family we knew. After arguing with God a bit (it seemed like a lot of money), I gave the gift. Later we found out it was exactly the amount they needed for something their kids needed.


3. Put the strips of paper in a jar. I actually have mine in a decorative vase.


4. Add to the jar when you’re having a bumpy day.


But here’s the fun part…

When you’re nieces, nephews, grandkids come over, OR if your own kids are having a bumpy day, tell them they can pick a piece of paper out of the jar. When they do, tell them the story behind what you’ve written down.


This is a super simple way to pass on your faith and tell “the next generation what God has done!





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