Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good!
    His faithful love endures forever.
Psalm 107:1


Thanksgiving is a great time to help kids put thanks into action. Last year I got the whole family, kids and adults, involved by creating a Thanksgiving tree. Here’s everything you need to know to make your own Thanksgiving tree


What you’ll need for your Thanksgiving tree

Colored paper, leaf template (circle leaf template or large leaf or small leaf templates), scissors, hole punch, mason jar, candies to fill the jar (I used Reese’s pieces and candy corn), paper clips, pens/markers, and a small branch

Thanksgiving tree supplies

You’ll also need a small branch. Use paper clips to hang the leaf circles on the branch.


How to make the Thanksgiving tree

  1. Copy one of the leaf templates onto different colored paper.
    (leaf circle, large leaf, or small leaf )
  2. Cut out the leaf circles or individual leaves and punch with a hole punch. 
Thanksgiving tree leaf circles

These circles are easier to cut out than the individual leaves.


Thanksgiving tree leaf pattern

These leaves are best for older kids and adults.


3. Insert small branch into the small mason jar.

4. Surround the branch with brightly colored candies and fill up the jar.

5. As guests arrive for Thanksgiving, ask them to write one thing they’re thankful for on the back of the leaf.

6. Thread the paper clip through the hole in the leaf and hang on the tree.

If you have guests for Thanksgiving, prepare the leaves ahead of time. As guests arrive, ask them to write what they’re thankful for on the back of the leaf. Then hang the leaf on the small tree.

That’s it!


Do you have any Thanksgiving traditions to share?




Thanks to Erin Haase for pictures on this blog.

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