Introducing…Four Families & Four Ways to Hide God’s Word in Kids’ Hearts-The Wilson family (Part 2 of 4)

During these four weeks I’ll highlight four families with four unique ways of helping kids treasure God’s Word in their hearts. Some are well-known families and others less prominent but each offers unique ideas on how to nurture faith. Check out Part 1 here.

Discover something new that resonates with your own family. Be inspired by their examples!

Kate and her family live just south of Minneapolis on a small farm filled with cows, pigs, chicken, and sheep of course. To those driving by, the scene is picture perfect–a big farmhouse perched on top of rolling hills covered with lush gardens and a sprinkling of the cutest animals you’ve ever seen.

But that’s because they don’t know the behind-the-scenes work it takes to make a small farm succeed–especially when it comes to sheep.

They chew through my herb garden and poop on my deck. Now they’re eating my hammock swing!” Kate said. “NAUGHTY SHEEP! I’m so ready to get rid of them.”

The Myth of Impromptu Teachable Moments

A smooth-running farm, healthy cows, roly-poly pigs, and well-behaved sheep come with a price–time, planning, hard work, and patient dedication. Those are the same qualities that’ll make teachable moments a success and help your kids hide God’s Word in their hearts.

Teachable moments can be some of the most powerful faith builders. But here’s the deal: They don’t just happen. They sound like such an organic way to grow faith. You know, just pluck that spontaneous moment out of your day and attach a mini faith lesson to it.

But the word “spontaneous” is misleading. It takes a ton of work AHEAD OF TIME.

What It Takes to Pull off a Successful Teachable Moment

So what exactly does that mean for a mom? What does it look like in everyday life?

“If you’re really serious about your kids hiding God’s Word in their hearts,” says Kate, “then you have to really know the Word.”

The more you’re up to your eyeballs in Scripture–the more you read, grasp, and learn it–the easier it’ll be to spot casual connections between everyday life and spiritual conversations. Know your material inside and out.

That does NOT mean you have to be an expert. Jesus promised the Holy Spirit would remind you of what he said (John 14:26). Your responsibility is to “soak up” God’s Word; his job is bringing it to mind when the time is right.

“If you’re really serious about your kids hiding God’s Word in their hearts, then you have to really know the Word.”

Kate Wilson

While Kate wasn’t excited about a sheep taking a bite of her hammock, she seized the opportunity to turn her basil-eating sheep into a faith moment with her kids–because she knew what Scripture said.

We’re all like sheep in some ways. Stubborn, insistent on doing what we want and when we want it. But still God laid all our wrong on Christ who died for us all. (Isaiah 53:6).

The Benefits

“The more you understand God’s Word,” said Kate, “the more excited you’ll be about it. Kids pick up on that.” Kids can tell if you’re just trying to “teach” and make a point, or if you’re genuinely passionate about truth.

Another benefit for you as a mom, said Kate, is that you understand God better–you’ll know what his expectations are, how he cares for his people. The result? Your own faith will get stronger.

Instead of fumbling for what to say or letting an opportunity slip by, you can successfully use teachable moments to build your son’s or daughter’s faith.

Seize the opportunity to infuse everyday moments with faith conversations!

Kate and Travis Wilson and their family at Adaugeo Farm

2020 © Carol Garborg

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