Every good Christian knows that Easter is not about jellybeans, chocolate bunnies, and Easter egg hunts, although there’s nothing wrong with those things (I mean, who doesn’t like a Cadbury creme egg). Easter is about the resurrection. Jesus isn’t dead; he’s alive!

But why does that matter?

Ask any kid who’s gone to Sunday School for any length of time why Jesus died on the cross, and they’ll probably be quick to answer, “To take away our sins.” But ask them why Jesus rose from the dead and I’m guessing you’ll get a shoulder shrug. In fact, take a minute now and ask, “Why did Jesus rise from the dead?”

If they had trouble coming up with an answer, here are a few solid reasons why the resurrection matters and why Jesus had to rise from the dead.


If Jesus hadn’t risen from the dead…

#1 He wouldn’t be alive; he’d still be dead.

Dead people can’t see, hear, or move. So praying to him wouldn’t do you much good.


#2 You wouldn’t have salvation.

How could someone save you if he couldn’t save himself?


#3 Jesus wouldn’t be different from anyone else who dies.

The resurrection was proof that Jesus was God and had power, even over death.


#4 You’d miss out on the promise of a resurrection and forever life with Jesus.

God promised that at the end of time people who believed in Jesus would get new bodies, perfect bodies, and live forever with him. If the Spirit of God didn’t have the power to raise Jesus up, he could hardly do the same for you.


What happened on Easter changes everything! You can pray to someone who is alive! You can have salvation and
forgiveness from sin. You can worship a powerful God who not even death could defeat! And you can hope for a
resurrection in the future.

Those are just some of the why’s behind the Easter resurrection. Can you think of any others?

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